After the huge success of 2019 for ibile singer Zlatan he start up the new year with a brand new single titled “Quilox” with hopes of picking off from where he stopped last year and the song was the first song to be released by any music acts in 2020.

The song see Zlatan switching from his regular music producer Rexxie to a new fast raising producer in the name of Mansa Jabulani but the production created did mention Rexxie which we all know he made the beat because it sounded like the normal Zlatan beat.

Now let dive in and tear the song apart and tell you what we think about the song plus pointing out notable lyrics and what the song is really about but first here is a question. “From 1-10 How Would You Rate Zlatan New Song “Quilox”.

So from what we can tell about the origin of the song, am sure some of you might remember what happened to Shina Peller the owner of Quilox Club in Lagos what he faced last December when he got arrested and detained for trying to bail out his customers and retrieved their vehicles seized by police well if you listen carefully you hear Zlatan spilling the tea about the incident.

The song which is still the normal Zlatan which is just totally him still taking us to last year and if you listen to the song and compare with the like of 2019 tracks like “Yeye Boyfriend”, “Bolanle” and most especially that song titled “This Year” but we don't know the direction the singer was aiming before he put out that song because to us it sounded like

a recycled song which he already recorded last year.

However, it is important to point out that the timing of the song was slightly right since it was released so early in the year when no other music act did drop any new project and of course the lyrical content is highly motivational which no one else can argue about it.

Incase you don’t get the message in the song,  the singer Zlatan is trying to tell you to create a good life for yourself and yourself alone this year because every man for himself, help yourself because no one is ready to help you in time of trouble.

There are so many catchy lines on this song which for me is what made the song more interesting and the story line which is actually a real life drama.

Notable lyric like “Ti won ba ti quilox... Die ni gbowo lo... O te lappy moju... O’ni peter gbowo lo... Eje mi, Eje mi... Eje mi wa l’ocean... Tioba ja fun ori e... Ko seni to ma ja fun ori e.

All man for himself... Alaye fight for yourself..

 Olowo lo shore olowo... Oloshi lo shore oloshi.

The song is fully about let us know that we need to fight for ourselves because nobody got your back, only the rich are friends with the rich while the poor are friends with the poor so don't rely on anybody to help you in times of problems.

Our Ratings For This Song;

Lyrics 6/10
The lyrics of this song is very power and educative to everyone.

Beat 4/10
Why we rate the beat so low is because we want something for the new year and Zlatan still gave us the same old