Why Rema Music Career Took Off So Fast || See Details And Facts

Divine Ikubor popularly known as Rema is a Nigerian singer who took the music scene by surprise after being discovered in Edo state by Don Jazzy younger brother D'Prince he later went on to sign for Jozing World label owned subsidiary of Mavin Records.

The singer was born in the year 2000 into a Christian family in Benin City, Edo State, he grew up singing and rapping while in secondary school, he attained his primary and secondary school education in Edo State which was where he was discovered before relocating to Lagos to pursue his music career.

In this article, we will be talking about 5 Lessons Upcoming Artistes Can Draw From Rema Journey – the rise to fame and how most upcoming can learn and use those lesson to secure a good future for their music careers

As many of us don't know Rema was never a singer when D'Prince discovered him but when he was brought down to Lagos and Don Jazzy saw the potentials in him he decided to switch to singing and it paying off for him as he is one of the most talked about music act in Nigeria and the world at large.

Huge and tremendous are words that are befitting to describe the successes Rema and has recorded in just the last one year which is very surprising.

But what could fellow upcoming acts learn from his journey? What are the 5 Lessons Upcoming Artistes Can Draw From Rema Journey? 


One thing we all know in the music industry is that talent without financial support goes to waste because that voice won't be able to get to where it needed to be heard and many upcoming music artistes do face that a lot as they tend to pay for studio sessions and promotions from their own pocket which leads to most of them just giving up on their dreams and chasing after something else.

But in the case of Rema, he was lucky enough to be seen quickly by Mavin records and according to our findings we discovered the record label signed a deal with Kupanda holdings and it has been working in their favour and it has reinforced them greatly in many ways. 

Rema’s sound has gotten to regions where afrobeat hasn’t really penetrated and With heavy financial backing, you could do a lot more with a talent like Rema, and More radio/tv spins, more press coverage, more quality beats, top-notch promotion going round the clock 24/7.


The most important tool any music artists should possess is a unique brand which must stand out when they see you or when they hear your name, they quickly point out that particular thing, and it not a must that it should be just one thing, it could be more, and when you take a look at Rema you see the mask alongside with the stuffed teddy bear, there are branding elements.

In a music scene where people have claimed it’s been hard to differentiate between most music artistes due to the fact that most of them looks similar but u see an attiste with mask on the stage, you know it’s Rema and he’s been consistent with it, most of his videos have contained these elements too


Contrary to thoughts, Rema's label boss Don Jazzy confessed in a podcast last year that Nigerians aren’t the ones who stream Rema’s music the most, he went on saying the majority of Rema’s listeners come from the United States and they’ve used these analytics in their advantage to make Rema’s sound more appeal to the people over there since those are the people who buy Rema song online.

Perhaps that's the reason why Rema dropped the trap-heavy Rema freestyle EP which was Another advantage of analytics targeting his audience over there in the States and Rema went on a US tour at the end of last year which was massive and sold out.


As a singer or rapper, you must possess a unique sound that sets u aside from others like u can tell when you hear 2Baba from a Wizkid or Davido's, talk of rappers when you hear Vector and MI Abaga you know the difference.

It’s been hard to nail Rema’s sound to one genre. He’s versatile, diverse and his sonic palette is wide and at the crux is afrobeat but he’s actually good at playing with various sound genres.

Which is It’s probably the reason why the track Beamer was released few weeks after American singer, Becky G jumped on Dumebi track which we can hear that Latino vibe mixed in the remix, More explorations, more connections with people in this regions and it increase the fanbase plus Widen your capacity which u must be good to be able to pull everything off.


Social media has always proved to be the key in putting the famous names out to the world and is all thanks to how much more they spend online interacting with their fans and when it comes to Rema his social media is so active that he got 649k followers on Twitter and 1.4 Million on Instagram.

As we come to the end of this article, music isn't just a game you go into and except it to be easy and not get eaten alive because u have the talents and people tell u that you are good, if u fail to have any of those 5 points mention then be ready to just sing for nothing.

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