Terri AfroSeries Album Breakdown || Review

After the long-anticipated wait for Starboy Entertainment singer AfroSeries EP release date which Terri finally dropped and since then he has been trending online.

The singer who was supposed to release the EP is an early schedule date in march but he never dropped the project which made some fans begin to wonder what was going on with Terri.

On 30th April Terri officially announced the release of his EP AfroSeries which includes 7 tracks such as;

1: Wake Up

2: My Chest 

3: Balance 

4: Ojoro

5: Doo

6: Ode 

7: Kill Man

Upon release, Terri's Afro Series enjoyed instantaneous impact just similar to Dremo's moment some weeks before and Terri had his boss Wizkid and his infamous fan base to thank for PR.

With the number of young artists making something of themselves and to everybody it was really surprising that Wizkid had a prodigy whom he wasn't pushing which lead to many questions if you read the article we wrote about Terri.

So in this article, we will be breaking down and touching some key points on this new body of work EP tagged “AfroSeries” by Terri.

Before we go deep we like to ask you our fans to share your opinion and tell us “Is Terri 'AfroSeries' The Best EP This Year”.

 “Afro Series” EP is a pure Afrobeat vibe influence with Terri’s distinctive, soulful vocals and mesmerizing songwriting to create a project that is undeniably a modern classic in the making.

If you follow Terri's work you will know when it comes to lyrics he is always on point with hooks that instantly hit you the first time you listen to his song.

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